Kidnapping Anna, Book 1

Kidnapping Anna

In 2005, Anna Wodehouse finds herself torn out of her world when she discovers her father was really her kidnapper. Certain that he is her father she waits for his return. After 7 years, she decides to find him…so she can kill him.

Follow Anna from New York to London and back on an incomparable thrill ride.

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We are proud to announce the action-packed thriller trilogy Kidnapping Anna.

Kidnapping Anna

KA1 finds Anna Wodehouse lost, heart-broken, and on the run. Can she find the closure she is looking for?

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ADX Florence

KA2: ADX Florence finds Anna in the Supermax prison in Colorado fighting for her life.

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The Montague Tubes

KA3: The Montague Tubes has Anna returning to New York City as she decides to track down the man who set her up for murder.

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About Brushed Steel Books

Brushed Steel Books entered stealth mode December of 2015 and finally came out of the shadows in June 2017 with the impending publication of The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy by A.B. Alvarez.

We have big plans so keep an eye out (even if it is not yours) as Brushed Steel Books changes the face of storytelling.

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