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From A.B. Alvarez, Author of The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy

Anna Wodehouse is in prison for a murder she didn’t commit. The man known only as Benson set her up and has left her in a maximum security prison away from prying eyes for the rest of her life.

The realization that she will never get out slowly destroys her. How can she defend herself when her only hope, her missing father, is probably dead.

Can Anna survive as the members of the mysterious project known only as HALON continues to seek her death to maintain its secrecy?

“Darker and more exciting than Kidnapping Anna, Book 1!”

Author of The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy

A.B. Alvarez was born and raised in New York and found he couldn’t keep his love of the city out of his first published series. Every book in the series either takes place in New York, or has New York characters who bring a a fresh perspective to a story of loss, revenge, and ultimately of closure.

He is already working feverishly on his next series.