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From A.B. Alvarez, Author of The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy

Anna Wodehouse’s father has been missing for 7 years. And now someone’s found him.


In 2005, 17-year old Anna Wodehouse was pulled out of her Brooklyn home by the NYC Police when they arrived to arrest her father. He never returned.


Anna, sure that her father would never abandon her, spends years waiting for his return. Seven years later, Anna receives a package: a mysterious man has found him. The man also wants to grant her a wish: to track down, and kill, her father.


In Kidnapping Anna, A.B. Alvarez creates a novel like no other, brings together a globe-spanning quest with a young woman’s need for the answers to her past.

“A spell-binding debut novel!”

Author of The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy

A.B. Alvarez is the author of TheĀ Kidnapping Anna Trilogy and was born and raised in New York. Every book in the series either takes place in New York, or has New York characters who bring a a fresh perspective to a story of loss, revenge, and ultimately of closure.

His next series comes out sometime in 2018.