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From A.B. Alvarez, Author of The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy

Anna Wodehouse is on the run. With the knowledge that her answers can only be found north, she chooses to go to Vancouver at the insistence of her only real friend at the Supermax. Her first problem: dealing with the fact that her life is really no better off than when she was in prison.

On her way to Canada, Anna sees a news broadcast: the man she knew as Benson, General Malik Palma, is in New York City. After an episode on her way out of the US, she decides to go to New York and pay him a visit. Unbeknownst to her, the group that directed her to Vancouver has been following her and is not pleased about her change of plans.

The answers she is looking for are coming for her.

“As satisfying a conclusion to Kidnapping Anna as one could hope for!”

Author of The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy

A.B. Alvarez was born and raised in New York and found he couldn’t keep his love of the city out of his first published series. Every book in the series either takes place in New York, or has New York characters who bring a a fresh perspective to a story of loss, revenge, and ultimately of closure.

He is already working feverishly on his next series.